Visually appealing commercials 

Commercials are more important than ever, and our team of film industry professionals work closely with you to determine the best method of increasing your brand awareness with visuals that coincide with your company's ideologies.

Technology continues to move forward at a rapid pace, creating new ways to watch videos. From the click of a mouse or the tap of a finger, there are screens everywhere. So, you should ensure that your company's brand is visible across these many platforms. 

Whether it's a corporate video for your employees or potential clients, a promotional video for your Social Media pages, or a commercial for advertising across multiple platforms, the reflection of your company's ideology and brand identity are essential.

We go beyond just shooting, we work closely with each client from pre-production to post-production to ensure that your unique and esteemed brand is properly portrayed.

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Commercials range from 30 to 90 seconds, depending on the platform it is intended to be aired on.

A video commercial promotes a product, service, and/or brand. The goal is to raise awareness, acquire new leads, nurture existing ones and increase conversions.

Whether you wish to increase the traffic, or you wish to rise above your competitors and make your brand memorable, your commercial should not only represent your brand, but it should be enhanced with high-quality visuals. Our commercials are designed to be aired on TV spots, on your website, as YouTube ads, or to advertise across the various social media platforms.

Promotional videos range from 5 second stingers, to upwards of 5 minutes, depending on the needs of the client. 

A promotional video is designed to promote a new or existing product, service, event, or attraction. The use of online promo videos is no longer an advertising luxury, it is a modern requirement of marketing campaigns.

Whether you need to promote an event or attraction, or you wish to visually describe your organization or brand, or you require content on your home page, we ensure prestigious quality for your video. Our promo videos are designed for your social media page or website, or if you wish to use your promo video in an ad campaign.

Corporate videos covers a wide-range of visual necessities required by companies in this day and age. 

Some examples of common corporate videos: Training videos, Explainer videos, Testimonial videos, Company Profile, Internal Communication, Talent Recruitment, Video Blog, Conferences/Seminars, etc.

There are many purposes to corporate videos and they are incredibly important to any company, as they enable easier access to valuable information. Nation-wide companies can share updates and presentations much faster, and with more efficiency. Recruitment can be increased due to the reach and appeal created by prestigious video content that reflects the brand.

Some of our clients:



Commercial openings available for 2019!

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“The guys at Prestige Pictures did such an amazing job with our commerciaI! The story, the visuals, and the overall product synced perfectly with our company branding and values.” 


—  Salima Benali, Friend 'N Town Executive

Visually appealing commercials 

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